Apple Creek Boats

Design Catalog


Size        Design Name       Type
                                                                                    19' Tom Cod                  
10' - 0" Sea Tern Yacht Tender
11' - 3" Rowing Skiff
12' to 15' Sailing Dinghy
13' - 0" Little Hustler Day Sailor
18 - 0" Sparrow Hawk Keel Day Sailor
19'- 0" Tom Cod 2 Center Console
19' - 0" Express Cat Center Console
24' - 0' Brandy Snifter Bass Boat
32' - 0" Auxiliary Cutter Cruising
44' - 0 Trawler Cruising

  Apple Creek Boatworks
  has provided Study Plans for:

  • a 40’-0” Nova Scotia style Schooner;
  • a 32’-0” Novi Style Lobster Yacht;
  • an 18’-0” Fishing Skiff, resulting in the “Tom Cod” Design,
  • a 28’-0” Bahama Cruiser,
  • a 35’-0” Day Sailor

        and many others.  
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  Send us the form on the "About" page to find out more.

Custom Designs

If you are interested in a custom design, Apple Creek will prepare a small sketch – For Free – showing basic design and layout from your ideas. From this a 3 to 5 sheet set of Study Plans can be made showing more detail of deck and interior layouts. Study Plans $150.00.

Use the contact form on our "About" page to  discuss your requirements with Tom for  

  • custom boat design

  • boat interiors

  • sail and power systems

  • renovations


Design Details

Design Details includes a full set of construction drawings, specifications and a draft Contract for getting the boat constructed.

The drawings will be based on detailed calculations for form, stability and performance; and, will include the following:

Plan and Outboard Profile

  • Lines Drawing

  • Construction Section, Scantlings for a Wooden Boat and/or  Laminate Schedule for a Fiberglass Boat

  • Arrangement Plan and Profile

  • Arrangement Sections

  • Construction Plan and Profile

  • Construction Sections

  • Construction Details


 Price based on size of boat.


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